TOKICO DIXERPARTS handbrake pads

479.00 kr

Do you need new brake pads for the DIXER PARTS hand brake system? You found it!
High quality, made by Moto-Master in their famous RoadPRO Sinter compound to give you the most performance and longest life out of your brake system. Big upgrade over standard ones.

This Tokico caliper can be found as factory standard on Suzuki SV 650 1999-2008.

RoadPRO Sinter front:
Sintered street brake pad for new generation high performance sports, touring and custom motorcycles. Offers a combination of fade free brake performance, great brake feel and thermal stability. The RoadPro Sinter Front has been especially developed for sport riding and high loads from heavy motorcycles.

RoadPRO Ceramic:
Ceramic brake pad for earlier generation sports, touring and custom motorcycles. It offers stable brake performance for front and rear brake.
RoadPRO Racing Carbon:
Race proven, Carbon based compound for Superstock, Supersport and Superbike racing at World Championship level. Equipped with NRS technology which provides a constant pressure point all through the brake pad lifecycle.

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