50STUNT Axle sliders / pegs

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Axle sliders are a must for any street or stunt rider. They protect the bike from damage to the forks, rims, brake discs, plastics, radiators, and sprocket if the bike hits the ground earth on its side.

Offered in two lengths for different riding styles:
LONG / JUMBO LENGTH, 2.25″/5.75cm: Recommended for stunt use.
SHORT / STUBBIE LENGTH, 1.25″/3.20cm: Recommended for street use.

The “jumbo length” is recommended for stunt use only because the added length can drag on the ground in hard cornering, and can be used as a peg for combo variations.
The shorter version called “stubbie length” is great for the street or track rider, on most bikes the regular rider footpeg will fold up before the slider touches the ground so you can lean the bike over hard and rail the turn.

The product comes with billet retainers machined for each bike model individually. This gives maximum strength and a factory look. Keep in mind, these adapters used to fit the bike perfectly will extend the total length by about 1″/2,5cm. Also, the dimensions mentioned above are without the replaceable end pieces.

For now we only stock axle sliders to KTM EXC/SX and FE/TE/FC/TC models, but can provide for most supermotos. Just send an e-mail to see if we cover your bike (order@elliotgrondahl.com).

The standard color is the aluminum silver finish. Can be anodized in black, orange, blue, or red upon request but scratches and wear over time will be more visible on these styles.

The price is per axle with a slider on each side.

Extra delrin sliders can be bought here as a spare part.

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