Moto-Master Flame Supermoto Racing Kit RMC-R (upgraded pump)

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Everything you need for ultimate stopping power on your supermoto. Here you get all front brake products from Moto-Master in one package, tuned to work well with each other. This kit was specifically developed for high-level racing on tracks but the included pads do not need to get super warm before they provide seriously good brake performance, therefore is this kit also perfect for stunt and street riding. Long stoppies awaiting!

The slightly smaller 12mm pump provides a medium soft feel and helps you dose the correct amount of brake every time.

Kit includes:
1x Flame Supermoto Racing Disc (320mm)
1x 4-piston Billet Caliper (black anodized)
1x Caliper Bracket Adapter (designed to fit your bike)
1x 12mm Radial Master Cylinder & Lever (Moto-Master RMC-R)
1x Supermoto Stainless Braided Brake Line
1x Pair of SinterPro Racing GP Brake Pads (extra pads here)

Disc thickness has been increased to 5mm to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Combine with this item if you want to use brake light.

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