Magura HC1 Radial Master Cylinder 13mm (LEFT)

3,999.00 kr

Magura HC1 13mm left side long lever – a stunt riders best friend.

This product replaces the old Magura “195” 13mm pump. Updated all-black finish and refined performance.

It can be used as a rear brake or clutch together with DOT fluid. (there is also a version for mineral oil but that is not commonly used within the stunt riding scene – e-mail for this one).

Suitable for most sizes of brake caliper applications. One 2-piston, one 4-piston, and also two 4-piston if you like a slightly softer feel. The distance between lever and handlebar can easily be adjusted with the knob.

Delivered with the “long” lever and fluid reservoir as shown in the picture. A banjo bolt, brake light switch and copper seals are also included for simple installation.

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