Flame rear disc: Factory 4.4mm

1,529.00 kr

The Moto-Master Factory 4.4mm Flame Disc is the perfect solution for heavy rear-brake draggers, like stunt riders.

– The FLAME design aids in the cooling and cleaning of the contact surface, and is unsurpassed in modulation and feel.
– Extra thickness 4.4mm rear disc to withstand extremely high temperatures (can still be used with OEM pads).
– Ideal for rear brake draggers.
– The FLAME Factory 4.4mm discs are laser cut, CNC machined, and precision double-grinded for perfect fitment and flatness.
– For best performance we recommend using Moto-Master brake pads with the matching pad compound that best suits your type of riding.
– Winningest design in today’s Motocross GP racing.

New brake pads are always recommended when changing to a new disc.

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