Brakepad Moto-Master rear caliper Freeride & 85cc

275.00 kr

Extra brake pads for your Moto-master upgrade rear caliper.
Also fits Honda: CR 80, Suzuki: RM 125-250, Yamaha: YZ 80-85 OEM calipers.

Will not fit your stock KTM Freeride E caliper.

The Moto-Master Brake Pads are developed to give you the most performance and longest life out of your brake system. Available in four different compounds to suit any individual rider needs. We sell the most advanced version SinterPRO RACING GP simply because they are the best. Designed to have a progressive feel at the lever, a strong initial bite, along with great durability in extreme conditions. They provide high thermal stability of up to 600C/1100F without any noticeable brake fade. Moto-Master Brake Pads are compatible with any OEM brake disc but are tuned to perform even better with Moto-Master brake rotors.

More info:
Nitro Series | NITRO
Sintered MX/Enduro brake pad for general use, an excellent long lasting all-weather performer. Also highly suitable for Enduro use.
Nitro Series | NITRO SPORT
Sintered MX/Enduro brake pad for general use, the one-gradient softer compound adds more stopping power and further optimizes rider feedback.
Sintered MX/Enduro brake pad for advanced riding which provides excellent stopping power in all weather conditions.
High end MX racing pad for professional use, the special sinter mix combines maximum stopping power with high temperature resistance to eliminate any possible brake fade. It’s high initial bite and linear feel allow aggressive and controlled deceleration

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